Antiquities and NFT

Antiquities and NFT


Can antiques and NFT come together? It came together in an unusual way.

Dutch antiques dealer Aronson 17. century Delftware sold a 3-D digital copy of the vase as NFT. Aronson has also offered other works, which he calls “Digital Twins” (Digital Twins),obtained by scanning physically existing antique artifacts using 3D technology, for sale in open Sea, the NFT market.

Aronson owns Floatscans, an Amsterdam-based technology company, and bo, a digital creator.he created works with kè.

Robert Aronson called the project thoughts on Art & Life and says of the project: “this is the first time NFTS of digital renderings like this will be sold. It's a really magical experience when you first see it, as they are indistinguishable from real works of art. ”

The 3-D twins of the vase, which have been changed in different ways (one titled Locked Down, in red letters “how long?"It says),being auctioned off at NFT Sunday Place OpenSea – they were printed today .

“As far as we know, this has never been done before, " Aronson said. 3D models on the NFT Sunday; we put the minimum auction opening price (reserve price) at 1 ETH (Ethrerum cryptocurrency) (about £ 1,300 for the current euro equivalent) and the bid increase rate at 0.1 ETH. Of course, we hope that people will understand the importance of this development and that digital twins will bring more, but we're not really in it. , ” he said.

17, which was originally physically located. the century Delftware vase is on sale separately, priced at € 125,000 (£107,000).

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