NYSE releases NFT collection in memory of key IPOs

NYSE releases NFT collection in memory of key IPOs


The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has released its unique token (NFT) collection, which represents significant IPOs.

The six NFTS, dubbed” First Trades, " include key company listings from the past. Each token represents the moment a company goes public.

When a company is publicly traded on the NYSE exchange, the CEO of the company Rings The Bell “First Trade”, i.e. “First trade”, to inform the company that the company has started trading on the market. Along with this process, which has become a tradition, the NYSE processes billions of orders and trade messages behind the scenes.

NYSE President Stacey Cunningham said in a statement yesterday that:

"Every message is recorded in our trading platform's digital ledger. Only one of these posts represents NYSE First trade. This message, which shows the moment a company opens up to the public, creates an opportunity for companies to share their achievements with others. NYSE First Trade NFT immortalizes that unique moment in a company's history.”

The NYSE exchange's NFT collection consists of NFTs representing the moment the companies Spotify, Snowflake, Unity, DoorDash, Roblox and Coupang went public.

"We know that many more NYSE NFTS will come as innovative companies continue to join our community," said Cunningham, who said the stock market could release more NFTS in the near future.

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